Monday, April 15, 2019

Birds of Prey in East Hampton. Eagle and Hawk Medicine.

It appears as though the eagles will be spending some more time with us here in East Hampton. In the past weeks I took this photograph of an eagle carrying a large stick. I watched it break off a branch from the top of a tree and carry it through the air. 
I am in complete awe each and every time that I have the chance to be with them in their natural environment. They are fast, they soar so high and they move with such grace that it is hard to track them from moment to moment. There are times where I am watching them fly so high that they vanish from sight.

Watching the eagles has been transformative for many reasons. They are teaching me about what they can tolerate and how they maintain their boundaries. As top predator they make all of the rules.

 It is a gorgeous sight to see them carrying fish in their talons as they fly through the afternoon sky.

As part of my ongoing curiosity, I have been reading about the eagle totem and clans in Native American history and lore. The eagles are known as the supreme rulers of the skies, the waters and the direct connection to the heavens. They possess a wisdom and power that is absorbing and fascinating. 

Hawks are also powerful totems and carry beautiful medicine. There is a pair of red tail hawks that live near the harbor and travel the neighborhood together. I caught this beauty hunting a squirrel in the canopy two weeks ago. It offered me an very intimate opportunity to photograph it in between short flights between branches. 

Hawks are known for their incredible eyesight. They are also considered messengers. In my experience they have often arrived moments or hours before significant news came my way. 
How or why this is possible is a mystery but a beautiful one. 

As the days lengthen and grow warmer I am inspired to deepen my experience and knowledge of these birds of prey. 
As I was walking to a friends' house this morning to deliver flowers, there were wild turkeys perched on dead branches and old trees. I thought, this is the magic. Having wild turkeys, eagles, hawks,  merlin and osprey so close to my home feels beyond special. 

Wishing everyone a beautiful Spring full of goodness and curiosity. 

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