Friday, August 25, 2017

Flora in the Eclipse Light

Summer days are passing, and the light is shifting into a very soft golden light. This is my favorite light of the entire year. It is full, it glows, and it is generous. 
As the eclipse neared, I wondered what the light would look like, and how it might be captured on camera. I sat quietly on my meditation cushion, where I sit to watch the hummingbirds and waited. 
Flora arrived just after the peak of the eclipse and was kind enough to bide some time with me. I had no expectations or desires other than to watch what mother nature had to gift us during this very magical celestial event. 

The energy was strong and I felt a very deep pull to the earth.
Of all of the pictures that I have taken of her, this may be my favorite one yet. She is reaching to the nectar inside the flower in the soft and metallic grey light of the eclipse. 
As the flowers are wilting and the days are growing shorter, there is a hint of sadness inside of me. I know that she will be leaving soon, for warmer weather and nectar filled bright tropical flowers. 
In the meanwhile, I am taking every opportunity to take her picture, and pictures of Guapo, the male hummingbird who is sharing the garden while flaunting his ruby iridescent feathers.