Thursday, November 7, 2019

Hawk Messengers

This beauty appeared in a series of images that I just found today. I am currently editing photographs for a collection of aviary delights and this beauty caught my eye. 
The bright sky, the red of the tail feathers and the transparency of the wings made me very happy. 

The hawks have been circling the property and their call has been filling my heart. 
While many of the migrating birds are now gone, the hawks and the owls remain. 
Just last night I heard the owls in the tress outside and I wished that they would allow me a sneak peak of them perched in the trees. While the owls have been here for years, I have never been able to photograph them as they come out at night. For now, I must be satisfied with my glorious hawks and be grateful that they fly low enough for me to capture these kinds of magnificent details. 
Hawks always feel like messengers for me, it is as though they are trying to convey an important piece of information from the heavens.

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