Monday, August 13, 2018

Crow Medicine.

During these past few weeks I have been taking in the magic of the crows. They are so clever and such mysterious birds. In the past, I did not pay them much attention but as I sit waiting for the hummingbirds to appear, they have drawn me into their world. 
I love they way they travel together and use incredible language to communicate with one another. 

The medicine of the crow is a mirror to change that is yet to come. They express mystery, magic, the past, present and future while also the art of shapeshifting. 
While I caught these two preening one another I was taken by their silent gentleness and sleek dark beauty. 
They are often referred to as omens of change, spiritual strength and personal integrity. 
They were especially expressive as I stood beneath an oak tree and watched them fly from tree top to tree top sharing beautiful, rhythmic and intricate language with one another.
When I see them flying overhead, I hold them in the highest regard and acknowledge their great intelligence and keen presence.