Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Honeysuckle Flowers....... Jin Yin Hua

 This week was especially sparkly in our neck of the woods. The light was golden yellow and the colors of the leaves and the sky shimmered in the glittery way they do in the month of October.
The scent of the honeysuckle flowers (Flos Lonicera) was also quite intoxicating. On my morning walks I have recently walked past two large patches of this sweet smelling vine.

Honeysuckle flowers are known as Jin Yin Hua in Chinese herbal medicine. These flowers are in the  category of Herbs that Clear Heat and Relieve Toxicity. Jin Yin Hua translates as "gold silver flower". The energetic properties are sweet and cold and this medicinal enters that channels of the Large Intestine, Lung and Stomach. It is included in formulas to clear hot painful inflammations, especially in the upper body as flowers generally treat conditions of the head. It is also used to clear externally contracted wind-heat when there is a presentation of a headache, sore throat or when there is a sensitivity to wind.

The Bach flower remedy of Honeysuckle is an essence for helping people to come out of the past and into the present by letting go of situations and events that prevent one from moving forward and embracing new possibilities.  This essence also supports us in our process of letting go of regrets and relieving homesickness.

Honeysuckle flowers are believed to attract money if placed in a vase in the home. If the vine grows near the home, it is also believed to bring good fortune. The gender that is associated with this flower is masculine, and the associated planet is Jupiter.

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