Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Dear February, Thank You for the Bald Eagles.

Dear February,

    Thank you for your kind and stunning skies at dusk filled with sorbet streaks of orange, raspberry and lemon. We love it when the air is filled with pink goodness.

Your Winter birds have been generous. Their majesty riveting. Their colored feathers pop in the winter grey skies and they are beautiful. 

We especially love the bald eagles that have come to stay in the harbor. They make our hearts sing every time that we see them soaring over our shared lands and inlets. It seems that they are here for a bit and we are thrilled to be in their company.

We love that they are messengers from the Creator, represent the feminine, have magnificent strength and clear sight. 
We are also fascinated by how they are totems that represent agility, opportunity, inter dimensional balance, boundaries, illumination and grace. 

We love that they sit at the tops of the trees in the snow and allow us to marvel at their beauty.

Personally, they represent purity, rebirth, devotion and the Divine. Being so close to one yesterday was one of the most magical moments of my life. Never did I believe that I would ever see one much less have the chance to photograph one so close to my home. This is such a rare and special  gift and opportunity. Having the eyes of a bald eagle study me felt somehow transformative and meaningful, especially on such a powerful full moon.

We hope that next February is just as exciting as this one!
Sending our best wishes...

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Ornithology News.

This has been a busy and exciting month for many reasons, namely the sighting of the bald eagles in Accabonac harbor. The very first time that I saw them, my heart skipped a beat, and then  filled with pure awe.
They are majestic beyond words.
The eagles carry such a powerful energy as they soar through the air. I go back to the harbor regularly, with hopes of more time with them as they perch on the trees of Tick Island. There is a great distance from the shore of Louse Point to the island so I have had limited capacity in documenting them, never-the-less, it feels as special as my encounter in the wild with an orca in Hawaii.
And here is one of the beauties alongside an osprey nest.

One day the seals were in the harbor and over their heads sea gulls chased one of the eagles away. The harbor was so alive and I felt to blessed to be there at that moment. It was the very first, and so far the only time, that I have heard the call of the bald eagle. Every cell in my body came alive with the goodness of this sound.
Below are the harbor seals that paid us a visit last week. 

In addition to the eagles, and the seals, I have had a moment with a blue heron. This beauty was in Amagansett at fresh pond. This picture caught the feathers, the beautiful colors and the grace of the herons. I love this picture because the eye is so very clear and the camouflage of the coloring.

The last bits of ornithology news...

I am so very pleased that Sylvester and Co. in Sag Harbor has invited me to show my pictures in their new online gallery. I am thrilled to be able to share my birds and their beauty with the world. 
I love the work of the other photographers and feel honored to participate with such gifted artists. 
The link to the collection is below:

Lastly, and this is such delicious news... I was invited to participate in an exhibit of the Four Harbors  Audubon Society in Setauket, New York. I submitted Guapo and Flora, my hummingbirds as well as a blue heron and an osprey. The heron was taken on Gerard drive and the osprey at Three Mile Harbor. I was honored to be invited and encourage everyone to see the exhibit. The opening of the show was a smashing success. There is so much beautiful work in this show, all celebrating Long Island and the many beautiful landscapes and animals that inhabit this magical land. 
A special thanks to Patricia Paladines for creating such a supportive, well organized, family friendly and educational event!