Monday, July 1, 2019

The Return of the Peonies, Hummingbirds and Other Beauties.

After a late Spring, the peonies finally bloomed, the hummingbirds returned, the purple martins and black birds retuned to their watery dreamy worlds.
The days are drying out, the salvia making nectar and the waters are warming.

This beautiful purple martin, graciously allowed for me to take his picture near the harbor. I adore the color of their feathers and the luminescent quality of their dark purple and indigo feathers.

Guapo the hummingbird returned and has found his new favorite spot in the garden, perching on the end of a stick close to the flowers that offer him nectar.
He was shy at first, but now appears to be more comfortable with my camera and my presence, again.

Miss Flora returned as well, but she has had a much more quiet energy. She is photographed here below, feeding on the nectar of the purple salvia, her favorite flower.
The return of the hummingbirds was marked with cold and wet nights. I wondered how they could tolerate the cold weather, the winds and late Spring. They managed beautifully, and I am reminded time and time again that they have incredible resilience. How do they make such long journeys and how do they know where safe gardens lie for them to feed on their journeys?

As the Summer days progress, I will post more hummingbird pictures. I feel such a wave of gratitude that I am able to spend time with them and they they now trust me as I sit waiting for them at the end of the warmer days.
The sun is shining in the most spectacular way this morning and I am wishing everyone a fruitful and beautiful day.