Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins.

As I work on updating my new Prettymedicine website, I discovered over one hundred pictures that I never saw or edited from my last trip to the warm waters of the Bahamas.
There were many precious gems, but this one took my breath away. 
A mother and baby Atlantic Spotted Dolphin. 

I will add a blog post when my fresh new site is up. 
Until then, may everyone dream with the dolphins. 
Best wishes, 

Monday, May 23, 2016

New Thoughts and Beginnings.

Since my last post so many things have shifted. For one, the weather is warmer, the butterflies and moths have arrived on the East end of Long Island and I am in my second trimester of Doctoral work. 
I am also in a year long advanced trauma training that takes me to the base of the great Rocky mountains. 
These big shifts take time to integrate. 
And then we need to find the words.
How do we express the depth of the gratitude? 
There is a splendid gift in the company of gifted healers who carry the heartfelt wish to bring goodness and mending to the world during these challenging times.

There is the police man who let me be the first in line after a five hour long delay on the Long Island Expressway, to allow me get to the airport, followed by the person who left the long term parking spot seconds before my arrival so that I may park my car and make my early morning flight. The parking attendant who said 'Honey, there is only one spot open here and it's yours'. 
Followed by the angel and dear friend that picked me up at the Denver airport to take me to the heart of the city where we studied new and beautiful methods for mending of the nervous system.
And then there are the gorgeous hearts who are on this mysterious journey of mending trauma. 
Thank you Kathy and Yuri.
And the amazing people from all over the world; Japan, New Zealand, Italy, and the United States. Thank you all for being a part of this gorgeous and meaningful work and training.
Knowing that we are all supported by the prayers of the monks is deeply inspiring and confirms the depth of our commitments to this important healing. 
On the inside, there is now a new level of commitment to the work, a stronger sense of importance to each and every effort that I make to support the mending of trauma.
 I am grateful.
And to the incredible hearts who come into the practice with their openness, willingness and gifts of beautiful peonies.
Wishing everyone a colorful and beautiful Spring!