Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Transient Beauties.

For a few days the lights were out. 
The strong tropical winds met our lands on the east end.
They appeared with a damp heat that made one wonder... "where are these breezes coming from?"
Big old rotten, nutrient rich trees came down and the geometry of the land shifted over night.
The light here has changed, it is new again. 
Mother nature and her very powerful transient beauties showed up this week, she shows up in so many different ways. 
For a few days, there wasn't the electrical current that keeps our nervous systems buzzing and alert. My system settled deeply. In turn, there were very deep restful sleeps that came up through the earth.
Moments arose to drop in deeper to the practice of listening with grace and minding the presence of the tides and winds.  

A katydid showed up on the last autumn flowers for a long intimate visit at my front door. It shared with me how willing it is to take chances and spring forth when the timing is right. We spent close to an hour together, and it showed its' curiosity towards me and showed me an elegant dance... from side to side. Followed by the gift of glorious dahlias, and a day at the beach in Amagansett,  accompanied by a late blooming morning glory. 
Each day now feels feels like a new universe, new visions, insights and profound healings.
I can not remember a time in my many turns around the sun that I have experienced such a quickening around the center of the earth. 
As we are moving forward in this time of unprecedented change, in the curious quick dance of reorganization, it is all for growth. 
 I am wishing everyone grace, centering, embodied presence  and illumination as we are leaning  towards the greater good and a more peaceful connection to the rhythms of the natural world.