Sunday, June 30, 2013

Magic of the Day

~Find the seed at the bottom of your heart and bring forth a flower~
Shigenori Kameoka

Monday, June 24, 2013

La Luna

The moon was so beautiful this week and there were clear skies for new pictures. 
This one was taken on Saturday evening just before the full 'strawberry' moon. A tricky walk through  a sparkling audience of fireflies gave way to the entrance of Accabonac harbor.

These lovelies below, were taken in the fog on Sunday evening at Gerard Drive.
The moon is symbolic of Yin and as it was so close to the earth this week, I thought about how this Yin element was effecting us. The moon is the matron to the water and all of the sea creatures. 
It is the guiding energy of intuition and the feminine.

When I think about following intuition I think about following the heart and trying to step out of the chatter of the mind. This little saying sits on my desk,  I am not sure of the origin. 

"It's impossible" said pride,
"It's risky" said experience,
"It's pointless" said reason, 
"Give it a try" whispered the heart. 

La luna, the moon, whispered her encouragement and sweetness into my heart this week. 

And so did the moths.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Language Older Than Words

At the moment I am reading a very powerful book;  A Language Older Than Words,
by Derrick Jensen. It has brought tears to my eyes more than once. He writes about nature, our relationship to it and our collective history of trauma.
There are times that I have to put the book down because it stirs something very deep within my core. There are sentences that make my heart ache with their truths, his words are polished, clear and direct. 
I have added Derrick Jensen's website to my 'sparkly people' list on my home page because 
his message is important.

I am about to start my three year training in Somatic Experiencing (a healing modality for trauma) in August and I wonder about how much of our collective traumas are acted out and imprinted on the natural world. The deeper that I go into the writings and context of Derrick's work, the more I see how these cycles of trauma have been carried on for many generations on so many levels. We have repeatedly dampened the natural world through our unconscious consumption and behaviors.
I am waking up, again.

I believe that the 'language older than words' is one that I know deep inside my soul. It is what the plants speak when we walk into a garden, or the trees sing when they are dancing in the wind. It is the gossip of the cat birds in the early morning hours,  the communication between colonies of mushrooms on the forest floor and the creatures of the canopies. It is a language spoken during my encounters with dolphins and whales in the open ocean.  I have learned that each part of the natural world has its own specific and perfect dialect, this form of communication is open for all of us.  

Derrick Jensen's work is encouraging me to speak with more confidence about what I see and experience through the lens of my camera. 
Just yesterday, the moth below visited my office window and stayed while I was giving treatment. The pen and ink illustration of moth antennae was found in an encyclopedia and all of these little treasures were found just outside my front door. 

I am inspired.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Nature of Dampness

We have had incredible rains the past few weeks, the kinds of rains that drench the earth, make small rivers and encourage the growth of green plants and mushrooms everywhere. While everything is very beautiful and expanding with the new moisture, there is a lingering dampness in the air and the ground.
In Chinese medicine, this dampness in excess can become pathogenic.

As the heavens opened last night and the rain seemed never ending... I thought about adding a post on the topic of 'Dampness' from a different perspective. In Chinese medicine 'Dampness' is considered a 'yin evil' meaning that it can create internal imbalances and be difficult to eliminate. The greatest causative factor is living or working in damp climates or conditions. Diet can also cause internal dampness. The organs that are most affected by dampness are the Chinese Spleen and Stomach. Over a prolonged period of time it can cause what is referred to as 'bi-syndrome' or obstruction of the channels.
This pattern may appear in the Summer and appear as a lack of appetite, a feeling of leathery, heaviness in the limbs, poor digestion, oppression in the chest  and mental fogginess.
There are more specific patterns of Dampness that manifest in different ways, differentiated by Heat, Cold, and location in the body.
The past few days I have been giving a lot of moxa in my treatments to offset the dampness in the climate. Next, I will start suggesting some dietary modifications and herbal remedies for this especially moist season.

This morning, as I was taking my walk a white egret flew over my head. It felt like such an amazing gift to see one this far from the water of Accabonac harbor. It was flying over the oak trees! This is truly a beautiful and magic place. The rose in the picture is from Gerard Drive, one of my favorite places during all seasons of the year.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, in a woodland far far away, the rain fell for days and the winds blew in circles making the tree tops sway to and fro. After the waters receded the warm yellow sun finally reappeared. The peony flowers opened gracefully, the mushrooms grew very very tall, the ferns created gullies, the moths fluttered in the sunlight and the lady bugs leapt for joy.  

All of these lovely images are from the just outside my front door with the exception of the lady bug, she came from a local bay beach. 

More rain today!