Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Turtle Medicine

Today this beautiful woodland turtle appeared at my garden gate. The colors were brighter than I have ever seen, the head was a deep orange and it's eyes were coral red. I stayed with this shy creature in the rain long enough to make contact.

The designs on the shells of these turtles always impress me, they are each so unique and intriguing. 

After spending time with this turtle, my interpretation of it's medicine is discernment, patience, stepping back to make space, protection and diligence. It took a while for it to gain enough trust in me to peek its' head from beyond the safety of the shell. I also thought about boundaries and how delicate this balance can be between two beings. The moment that I got too close for the turtle to feel safe, it would retreat into its' shell after letting out a hissing sound. Once we were comfortable with one another, I felt the same quiet and patience in the eye of this turtle as I encounter while swimming with dolphins and whales in the wild. The wisdom of this animal went right into my heart today so I decided to post these pictures. 

The rains have not only brought moisture for the turtles but also flowers of many colors, shapes and sizes. The Siberian Iris and Allium are in bloom now and colors are stunning. 

These pictures below were taken with my iPhone. 

I was just reminded that turtles are symbolic of water, the earth, longevity and that they are the 'keepers of doors'.  Additionally, they are traditional reminders that the way to heaven is through the earth. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tree Peonies and the Magic of Light

These breathtaking beauties were in bloom this week. I had to cut the flowers because I was concerned that the wind and the rain would damage the delicate petals. We have had very cool and windy weather. The past few days have felt more like March than the end of May. 
The winds have been fierce and I have felt the energy of change coming through the cold winds.

Before the peony buds opened I took pictures of water droplets caught in the leaves. If you look carefully you may see my reflection as well as the tree tops. The water droplets look a lot like mercury. I was amazed by how clear the reflections are. In a single droplet
 you can see the sun, the clouds, the tops of the oaks and me. It is an unconventional self portrait!

Everyone who smelled these peonies fell in love with their light and generous scent. I dream of  reproducing it in botanical perfumery. It is sugary and delicate while elegant and soft.

More beauty from the garden.

Peony love.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Narcissus Love

Five hundred new Narcissus bulbs were planted last Autumn, and the rewards were captured in the beautiful Spring light with my cameras. I have been sharing them with friends and clients and everyone has fallen in love with the intoxicating new scents.

There is fresh soft energy in the air that is welcoming. Even as I write this post we are having a soaking rain which will help the lilacs bloom and the the ferns unfold.

My own personal unfolding is taking form in the enrollment in a three year study of Somatic Experiencing, a method of treating trauma, designed by Dr. Peter Levine. I have read Waking the Tiger  numerous times and resonate with the approach of natural healing of the nervous system. I feel that this will be a wonderful new modality to incorporate into my practice and my everyday life. There is more information about this work on the website

Again, I am turning to nature for a deeper understanding of how we can heal and live more authentically in our bodies with ease, grace, expansiveness and joy. 

In my quiet time I sit with the flowers and watch them open. These blooms have inspired me for weeks now with their different colors of yellow and orange. This Autumn another 500 bulbs will go in the ground for more magic next Spring.

These lovelies inspired me so much! They remind me to stay in the 'beauty way'.
They are delicate and so full of grace, like elegant women.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Eleanor Roosevelt