Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hummingbird Medicine (Archilochus colubris)

 The magic of the hummingbird appeared this week the day of the full Harvest moon. 
 It drew nectar from the Cleome flowers and I was so happy to see this little green irredescent bird shimmer in the morning light. I could hardly believe my eyes. I had enough time to get my camera and take pictures of the beautiful juvenile female Ruby Throated hummingbird.

This sweet little photograph was taken with my iphone and it is a portrait of a Cleome flower.

The totem of the hummingbird represents the energy of joy. These little birds remind us to draw the sweet nectar from life and to work with the medicine of flowers. Hummingbirds are flying gems that encourage us to  step back and appreciate beauty in the forms of scent, taste and color while also  encouraging us to lean into a life of joy.

In late September they begin their migration South, they may fly as far away as the Gulf of Mexico. 
The are approximately 3.5 inches long and weigh less than an ounce. These are the only birds that can  fly backwards and upside down. 

Because this beauty arrived the morning after the full moon, I layered an image that I had taken the night prior with one of the hummingbird pictures. In the lower right hand corner of the picture is a tree peony flower that also grows in the garden here. While it is not in season, I added it to the image because I though it was so beautiful.

Below is one of my very first portraits. Last week I took pictures of my friend's beautiful children and layered a profile picture with the whimsy of the hummingbird that came to visit. It has been a very magical week and as the season is shifting and we are now officially in Autumn, there is a lot of activity in the woods and the butterflies appear to be heading South while the hummingbirds gather their last drops of nectar for their long journeys. 

Ezra and the hummingbird. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Butterfly People, Moths, La Luna and Mermaids.

The past lunar month has been filled with so many new energies and magical gifts from nature. It is almost impossible to share in words how beautiful the unfolding of this new experience has been for me and my dearest friends. 
After much dedication, creative design and focus I have opened my new online store:     

I am now selling my creations that relate to nature. My collection includes perfumes, photography, silks, stationery and one of a kind pieces. 
I am thrilled to share my work in this new venue. 

 For those who participated in the launch party of Prettymedicine, it was a night that few could ever forget. My beautiful, kind and generous friend, a true butterfly diva,  offered to host the party in her incredible potato barns in Bridgehampton N.Y. These buildings were transformed into an elegant theater for a showing of my work and a sit down dinner party for over one hundred people. Magnificent scrim was printed with my artwork, delicate silks hung from the ceiling of a barn, over a hundred moths printed on glass graced a pale blue wall and sparkly crinkle lights shed warm light on everyone who entered the whimsical barn.
A dolphin, whale and peony graced the wall of one of the barns through a projector. It felt as though we were all transported into another dimension.

The finest delicacies were served with warm smiles and gentle hands. Candelabras lit the night as the sound of gongs, laughter and good company filled the air of a beautifully decorated space. 
The collaboration was perfect. Magic was around every corner and it was thrilling to create an event with such a beautiful,  generous and supportive friend. 
Thank you, thank you Queen of the Butterflies!
That night the stars were aligned, the sun softly set into the clear night leaving jewel tones in the sky, and the moon rose with a halo of light that looked like a pearl. For all of the guests, there was a feeling of magic, joy and an inner peace while nature was playing the muse and we were invited onto her stage. 

Nature, the beautiful hostess, my friends, and the helpers were all participants in the magic and transformational energy of the moths, the butterflies, the moon, the ocean and and the hummingbirds. 
All of my encounters with nature that have been documented were layered through my artwork and the decorations for the launch. A warm felt thank you to everyone who attended, gave me support, kind words and participated in the opening of the portal. 
There were so many beautiful helpers too....thank you everyone!

Many thanks to my special butterfly people, mermaid and mermen friends and mother nature for all of the support this past year!

The image above is featured in the Mermaid Collection. 

Please stop by my store and enjoy!