Saturday, May 19, 2012

Moth Medicine and Transformation

This week I have been visited by the most incredible moths. One moth was with me for four days, three in-between two windows and one day on my office window screen. It was stunning. 
After I took this picture with my macro lens, I edited it by making an orange back ground so that you can see the texture and design of her wings. 

Today.... I followed this white moth around the garden and it stayed still long enough for me to take its picture. It was resting on the leaves of the Siberian Iris. 
Over the years  I have had a fascination with moths as they are symbols of transformation and magic. 
Several weeks ago I had a dream that I was on a healing journey to Lourdes, France,  and a Luna moth flew into the bus and expanded before my very eyes! The next morning I found a beautiful moth on my front door as I left my house. Since the moths are coming to me so frequently these days, (in dreams and in nature) I decided to dedicate this post to them and to the energy of transformation. 

I  have fond memories of being on the porch of my grandparents farmhouse in the summer watching June bugs light up the yard at night in their evening ballet, eating peach ice cream and observing large moths flutter towards, and rest by the light next to the screen door. As a child, I always found moths to be very mysterious, they always filled me with awe. 

  Moths are very much like butterflies but they are nocturnal and gravitate to the light. Moth medicine is characterized by change, transformation, and appreciation for the magic of the natural world. They teach us how to live with a new heightened sensitivity and how to move towards our own inner light.
 Each and every time the moths appear,  I know that I am about to undergo a significant shift or transformation in my life.

At the moment I am reading about the energy of transformation in the books of Peter Levine Phd. The two that I am currently reading, are Waking the Tiger and In An Unspoken Voice, How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness.  These books are so profound that I am encouraging everyone that I work with to explore this material. Dr. Levine has spent over 40 years studying the effects of trauma and stress on the body. He has studied the natural world to gain a deeper understanding and wisdom of how animals in the wild discharge stress and trauma. 
I have found these books to be deeply meaningful and inspiring both personally and professionally. I gained a new understanding of how undischarged trauma can build in our nervous systems and create other issues both emotionally and physically. 
My sense is that as we can clear trauma in our bodies on a somatic level, then we may open the door to undergo a process of transformation much like a moth does as she breaks free from her cocoon and flies towards the light. 

The bottom photo was taken with my iPhone. 


  1. so exciting especially @ the time of the eclipse ! the beauty of simplicity.........

  2. beautiful photos, thank you for sharing!

  3. Maria...The photo's are magical with such a natural beauty. Your work is amazing!!

  4. lovely words & gorgeous photos of your moths
    once I was in a group on Vassar College campus and we were instructed to go off and find a natural being and write down its message I listened to a moth who told me of its link to the Moth - er (I lost mine in childhood) I don't recall its other words, but that connection stayed with me and felt like a reminder that my own mom was still with me in protection and love

    1. Dear Helen, Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I so appreciate you stopping by my blog! Moths are very mysterious and powerful. I love the connection between your mother and the moth. That is very magical. I am selling moths images on my online store. : ) Sending my best wishes,