Friday, May 4, 2012

New Beginnings

This week has been meaningful for me because I have been introduced to the technology of Hasselblad. In the past year I have had a vision of showing my botanical pictures on a very large scale. I would love to share these pictures in public spaces where people can experience what it is like to see the inner structures, geometry and divine wisdom that resides within the plant world. The images will be of the medicinal plants and botanicals that I use in my herbal practice and in my botanical perfumes.
I have put my vision into action and I am learning how to take pictures with a new camera that will enable me to magnify and print images to wall size. 

This is a big leap for me on so many levels. I am sharing my very first picture, with my new camera, of the lilacs that are now in bloom. 
With time and a lot of practice my pictures will get better, 
in the interim, the peony tree buds are about to blossom, the allium buds are popping and the Indigo Bunting birds came back to share more magic. 

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  1. XO I was married to an architectectural photographer, when I was in my 20's, and we had the 4 x 5, and access to all the large format. At that time Polaroid still existed and had a library program where you could lease the large equipment. I have always wanted to bring the large images to birth. YOU have a great eye for this and I want an invite to your show, when you have it. Contact the Gershwin Hotel in NYC : I did a photography show there in 2007 of my True Beauty Icons work, images of women,xo The owner of the hotel supports that type of artist residency. Your flowers would look amazing as tea trays and a line for K MART like Martha Stewart, with tea towels and sheets, your images are wonderful. xxxoxoooL