Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cistus ladaniferous

Cistus, also known as Labdanum, Ambreine and Rock Rose is one of the most intruiging oils that I am working with right now. It can come in a very hard resinous form and in a golden brown oil. The plant grows as a wild evergreen hardy shrub in the South Western region of Europe and North Africa. It can withstand prolonged periods of drought. Amazingly, each flower opens for only one day. 
 The scent is a base note in natural perfumery and has a very rich, sweet and sometimes pungent ancient  smell. It is a common fixative for soaps, lotions and aftershaves.
I include this oil when I am making topical blends for skin conditions and wound healing. It can also be used in plasters and on mature skin care.

The oil is anti-microbial, antiseptic, an expectorant and a tonic. I often apply drops to points on the Lung meridian when I am working with someone who has a very strong cough or upper respiratory weakness. 
In my research travels, I recently read that the oil calms the Spirit and is said to open the third eye and expand consciousness! 

At the moment I am working with this botanical essence in a perfume that tells a story of a marriage between Hay and Damask Rose. A Cistus from Spain is in the base and it brings a unique tartness to the blend. The image above was made for this new perfume, there is a Cistus flower behind the image of the rose.

I took pictures of this gorgeous flower while in California not realizing until I got back to New York that it was indeed a Cistus flower!
Perfect timing.
I recently added one of these beauties to my shop!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Valentine Gift

I made this collage this week by gathering a lot of  pretties that  have been collected in the form of photographs so that I could make something nice to share for Valentine's Day. 
I happen to adore this day that celebrates love with gifts, flowers, chocolate and beautiful cards. 

I am offering a special surprise Valentine's Day gift to the fifth person to email me at 
Please title the message 'Valentine'. 
Where in the world will it go?