Thursday, July 19, 2018

Guapo and the Lady Slipper.

As the days are growing warmer, it seems that Guapo the hummingbird will stay a bit longer in the evening hours on his favorite perch. 
Here is he resting on a vitex branch, one of his preferred spots in the garden.
He continues to teach me something new each and every time I see him. I observe how he tracks the sun, the insects, other birds and the flowers. Last night I watched his red and magenta shimmering feathers sparkle as I sat quietly in the garden. 
He chases away Flora on a regular basis and the two of them engage in ornate flight patterns while vying for access to fresh nectar. Guapo is showing me how hummingbirds fly in the formation of a figure eight. How fast they can be, and how on a moments notice, they can defend their territory.

The orchid next to Guapo was a gift. This Lady Slipper is gracing my space with a supreme elegance. She sits with such grounded beauty on my desk and offers herself to each person that she meets. One can not help but be mesmerized by her presence. 
While sitting with both Guapo and the Lady Slipper, I have been observing how the spaces inside my own physiology that are moved by their beauty. I notice a sense of well being and a strengthening of my spine and an ease in my breath. 
Hours may pass before one of these images come to fruit from my time with the hummingbirds. In the end, the time spent in the stillness always offers a gift. 
Thank you Guapo and thank you Miss Lady Slipper for your softness and presence.