Tuesday, February 2, 2016


As the days are slowly becoming longer and more light illuminates the recesses of former dark winter days, I am beginning to feel shimmers of hope for Spring. She is just around the corner. I heard her whisper her silent arrival today. The buds are swelling and the shoots are pushing their way through the earth. 
The elegant starkness of Winter is beginning to melt away.

These are images taken this week, dried and simple beauties, surrounding a gorgeous vintage image of blue birds that one of my favorite people sent to me in a generous care package. 
Water and seeds are left out daily hoping that these sweet blue birds might come back. 
The camera is ready for the opportunity to capture them again as they sing that special song that makes the heart sing.
It is week five of my doctoral program. I am grateful for the opportunity to further my study of the medicine in these changing times. I am writing, researching and learning new things daily, all the while, coming back into the knowing that any day now, her majesty will surprise us once again with daffodils, magnolias and hanging wisteria.