Monday, March 5, 2012

Pretty Persimmons

Persimmons are so beautiful. The orange of these winter fruits begged to be celebrated and photographed. They are also known as date-palms or Chinese figs. The pinyin word for Persimmon is 'shi' which also translates as 'affairs or matters'. According to Chinese symbolism, along side a mandarine orange these fruits together symbolize the following sentiment.... 'May you have good fortune in all your undertakings.'

Persimmon trees are often planted in temple gardens because there is a belief that the tree is symbolic of four virtues: long life, shade, homes for birds and do not harbor pests.
These fruits are sweet and cooling in nature, they moisten the lungs and resolve phlegm, in Chinese medicine this fruit treats hot and or dry conditions. The calyx (botanical name is Calyx Kaki) of the fruit is used to treat rebellious qi of the Stomach.
Fresh persimmons have phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidants like catechins and gallocatechins. They are also very high in vitamin C.
I just learned that in Buddhism, persimmons are symbols of transformation. Six persimmon fruits are symbols of enlightenment. The symbolism reveals that green persimmons are acrid and bitter in their immature state, they represent ignorance. As the fruit matures, it becomes sweet and represents wisdom that comes after transformation.

This picture is of a persimmon cut horizontally, it is so beautiful, I was surprised to find a star inside!

The winner of the gift of the magic box was a very sparkly woman from Montauk, N.Y., a hop, skip and a jump from this neck of the woods....


  1. The symbolism and pictures is very helpful. Thank you :) Poems in "Dust and Consciousness," by Truong Tran use symbolism of Persimmons often. Your post helped me understand it better.

  2. The 8 spoke wheel. The Dharma fruit.