Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tree Peonies

Since Peonies are my absolute favorite flower of all.....I am dedicating this post to their incredible beauty. Each year I wait patiently for the blossoming of my tree peonies. They are so magical and so elegant. They remind me of a benevolent queen, wearing a tiara of gems.

Last year I wrote a lot about their medicinal values and how they are used in Chinese medicine and in the world of plant magic. In this post I am going to write about my personal experiences with this flower. When I am around these flowers my heart melts open. I am filled with optimism again once the ants make their way to the buds. The peony bud is such a sacred image for me that I asked Tashi Mannox to design a seal (also known as a chop) for my botanical paintings. He is a brilliant and gifted calligrapher in the Tibetan style. I encourage everyone to watch the short video about him because it is meaningful for all of us who are trying to live a life of mastery. 
I love the image of the chop so much that I have incorporated it into my photography watermark.

Peony bud picture taken last week. This is the picture of the month on the home page. 

Peony in the sunshine. 

After a soft rain, I cut one of the peonies and brought it into the kitchen to be photographed. I was afraid that they would not be able to stand another rainy day without dissolving. 

In China, peonies are symbols of shyness and female beauty. 

Peony cutting in one of my grandmother's jars.

Peony centers below taken with my iPhone.