Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Dear February, Thank You for the Bald Eagles.

Dear February,

    Thank you for your kind and stunning skies at dusk filled with sorbet streaks of orange, raspberry and lemon. We love it when the air is filled with pink goodness.

Your Winter birds have been generous. Their majesty riveting. Their colored feathers pop in the winter grey skies and they are beautiful. 

We especially love the bald eagles that have come to stay in the harbor. They make our hearts sing every time that we see them soaring over our shared lands and inlets. It seems that they are here for a bit and we are thrilled to be in their company.

We love that they are messengers from the Creator, represent the feminine, have magnificent strength and clear sight. 
We are also fascinated by how they are totems that represent agility, opportunity, inter dimensional balance, boundaries, illumination and grace. 

We love that they sit at the tops of the trees in the snow and allow us to marvel at their beauty.

Personally, they represent purity, rebirth, devotion and the Divine. Being so close to one yesterday was one of the most magical moments of my life. Never did I believe that I would ever see one much less have the chance to photograph one so close to my home. This is such a rare and special  gift and opportunity. Having the eyes of a bald eagle study me felt somehow transformative and meaningful, especially on such a powerful full moon.

We hope that next February is just as exciting as this one!
Sending our best wishes...

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