Thursday, November 7, 2019

Praying Mantis Medicine and Autumn Sweetness.

It is Autumn now and for several months, the mantis have been revealing themselves to me. At first, on my back door. They hid behind the vines of the passionflowers and they seemed to blend in to an environment that kept them safe.

They had an eye on the house, the garden and on my every move. 
As I got close to them, they would turn their triangular heads, look at me, and seemingly study my every move. They peered through the windows and when I knocked on the glass doors they would move their heads in inquisitive ways.

At one point I felt as though I was under their mindful watch. 
I write 'they' because there were two. At first I thought the couple may have been mating. And then it appeared as though there was only one. So I expected that the female had devoured the male in her mating ritual and that she was preparing to lay eggs. 
My hypothesis was thrown to the wind yesterday when I found two mantis inside my house. No nest, larvae or babies were ever found.

So both mantis were delicately taken outside and released, but my curiosity could not fathom why two were inside my house and how on earth they managed to camouflage  themselves so well. 
A few images were captured, but they are very difficult to photograph.  
 I had the felt sense yesterday that they were protecting the land, keeping an eye on the hummingbird garden and gifting their presence to us. 
They say that they symbolize stillness, mindfulness, protection and good fortune. 
If this is all true, then I have been blessed twice and I am deeply grateful.
Wishing everyone golden sunsets and autumnal sweetness.

Best wishes,

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