Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Swimming with Seagulls and the Snowy Egret.

The September light has been truly delicious. 
Warm and settling. 
Amazing for swimming with seagulls.
And for being still.
 In the bays, there are a plethora of winged beauties taking advantage of the plentiful food. 

The snowy egret, the peacemaker among fisherman, and a symbol of balance, showed up yesterday at Louse Point. This beauty took my breath away. Since my meeting with this majestic bird,  I have been learning about them and how they fish, migrate and stand so beautifully in the water.
As they hunt, they gracefully turn sideways and they catch their prey from an angle.
They watch for spearing, then dart into the water with such intensity and speed that one has to watch closely to be able to see what happens next. 

And then there is a quick gulp. 
And a swollen neck. 
Followed by more tracking and more fishing. 

The light in this image came from the setting sun at Accabonac harbor and fell graciously over the apricot sands of Louse Point which were indented with the footprints of many visitors. 
The light was clear and crisp. The baitfish were literally splashing out of and flying through the indigo waters.
The yellow and greens of this majestic bird are mesmerizing, and captivating.

All the while, this beautiful sandpiper moved quickly between the water and the stones on the shore at dusk yesterday. Back and forth, and back and forth. 

And this anxious seagull, looked for its next meal.

These days are so precious and meaningful. 
Life moves quickly and reminds us to take in the magic and to swim with seagulls before the sun cools. 

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