Monday, September 4, 2017

The Beauty of Wings

The beauty of having wings is that they allow for us to fly. 
With them, we may visit far away places that are quite beautiful. 
This evening as the sun began to set as Louse Point,  this beauty was eating fish and flashing perfect grace in the soft September sun. 

While I am working, I often imagine the scapula as a portal to the metaphor for soaring and flying. We all have these incredible bones that are often referred to as the seat of our human wings. 
In Chinese medicine, the pathway or meridian that runs through the scapula is the Small Intestine channel. The Small Intestine is the partner to the Heart. The Fire Element. The channel leads to the all knowing Emperor. So when I am treating the Heart, I always touch into the Small Intestine first, to send a very soft and gentle message to the Emperor, asking, if it is ok to proceed. 
Sometimes the Emperor says 'please wait and rest here a bit', and so we do. 
Holding space for the wisdom of the wings to speak the needs of the Heart. 

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