Friday, August 5, 2011

Oak tree (Quercus)

This week I have been taking pictures of and studying Oak trees. We have had a dry spell here so the immature acorns have been falling to the ground. I took these photographs of the different Oak leaves as this neck of the woods has many trees.

Oak trees provide protection and wisdom as they are ancient trees. The soft sound of the rustling of the leaves is believed to be the old gods whispering soft words. The Oak is associated with the element of fire and the sun. The gender associated with the oak is masculine.
Oak was considered the tree of life for the Teutons, the Celts and the Druids. Traditionally Druids would not meet unless there was an Oak tree present. There is a belief that placing acorns on a window sill will prevent lightening from entering a home. Carrying a piece of Oak was believed to protect the person who carries it from all harm, and brings good luck. A fire made from oak wood is also believed to keep away illness.

Acorns are symbols of fertility, good luck, health, healing and have been used as charms for prosperity throughout the ages. According to mythology, the acorn was the first food of the Greeks and Romans. 

In European folk medicine, the bark, the powder of the acorns and the buds have been, and are still employed today for their potent medicinal properties. Compresses for the skin made from the bark of the Oak is a traditional remedy from northern Europe. The Bach flower essence remedy for Oak supports growth with strength and endurance. It is a remedy for those of us who tend towards overwork, endure and take on too many responsibilities. 

An interesting fact, the average mature oak tree produces approximately 5,000 acorns!

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