Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hardy Hibiscus (Swamp rose mallow)

These pictures of  lovely pink Mallows were taken this week as they began to open. Each year that they open I fall in love with the softness of their petals and their gorgeous shades of pink. The flowers all have very soft and beautiful colors and when they are all opening at the same time, and the butterflies show up, it is quite beautiful.
When I took one of these pictures, there was a big commotion with the birds over my head. A hawk was  chased away by many noisy Blue Jays, I had never heard so many noisy birds at once!
Mallow carries the power of protection and love. According to lore, it was carried to attract love. It was believed to attract a lost love if placed outside your door or in a window. Mallow is associated with the Feminine, the moon and the element of water.
 This picture on the left is of a mallow flower opened and on the right, a bud.
Hibiscus is the flower that is used in offerings to Kali and Ganesha in Hindu worship.
Another interesting piece of information about hibiscus,
when I traveled in Tahiti, I learned that hibiscus flowers are traditionally worn by women behind an ear for adornment. If she is available for marriage or if she is taken will determine behind which ear she wears her flower.

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