Sunday, March 22, 2020

Magnolia Medicine.

This past week I had the wonderful opportunities to attend webinars by Dr. John Chen. He is a brilliant teacher, Western pharmacist and Chinese doctor. I listened for hours and feel compelled to share a bit about current affairs regarding the pandemic through the lens of practitioners of Chinese medicine in the United States. 
I was fascinated to hear how hospitals in the city Wuhan and others in Hubei provence treated patients who were hospitalized for COVID-19 cases. Because there were thousands upon thousands of cases,  Dr. Chen shared the protocols health care providers used under these circumstances. He generously provided herbal formulas from different pathogenic stages of the disease from a Chinese medical perspective.

As practitioners in the United States we are unable to access some of the herbs used in the various patterns that were described in his presentation. These herbs are either not approved for use, or they are in short supply due to the epidemic. Dr. Chen was very helpful in pointing out where we could help patients in preventative medicine and post infection care. What a gift to hear a Chinese doctor be a liaison and a beacon of information during these challenging time. 
Where I see my role as a practitioner is supporting the defensive stage. In other words, helping people stay healthy and strengthen immune systems. Each patient is unique so one formula or remedy will not apply to everyone, especially for patients who have underlying autoimmune issues, and pre-existing conditions.

 Many people have written to me asking what remedies to take now, how to stay safe and healthy. I will do my absolute best to offer resources with dietary information, theory and support in these weeks ahead. As many of you now know, I am not treating in person but I am scheduling half hour and hour long sessions on the phone and on Zoom. This is a more organized way to work for my patient's safety. 
I will use my blog as a platform to share many wonderful resources that I have at this time. I hope that this message finds everyone safe and well in these changing time. 
Thank you Dr. Chen for sharing your wisdom, generosity and research experience with all of us. 

Magnolia flowers photographed today.
Springs, East Hampton. 

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