Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Art of Self Regulation in Turbulent Times.

In my healing work, the color yellow often shows up when there is an integration of new information and organization in the physiology. It is a color that also resonates with the Earth element in Chinese medicine. As we are approaching warmer days and more greenery, the first daffodil blooms are a welcome sight. Spring will arrive with buoyant and generous warm days and we will witness the return of the hummingbirds, the dolphins and the whales. 

Knowing that we are part of the natural rhythms of the seasons is important to revisit as we are being asked to separate, confine, go in and in many cases isolate. The natural flow of Spring which is expansive, is also moving, flowing upwards and fed by the sap of the new growth. 
At a deeper level, we are collectively being asked to mind our capacity to self regulate in a very unsteady time. This can feel confusing and challenging in our bodies. 

How does one even begin when we are feeling waves of sympathetic charge, fear and stress?
I have been gathering the most effective tools that I have learned and used in my own healing and regulation work and  I am offering them here through my blog with hopes that perhaps they may be of service to anyone who may read these forthcoming posts. 

Over the course of the past seven years, I have been studying the role of the nervous system in healing the physiology. Through the lens of Chinese medicine we might call this process the regulation of Qi and Blood. How our system pendulates between different energy states often determines how we maintain our health.

Firstly, we need to establish safety. My mantra is always 'safety first'. Once we establish this felt sense,  our systems can begin to down regulate into a more spacious and gentle place. Secondly, we find the most spacious place in our bodies that offer a felt sense of ease. It is from the ease that we can build towards more safety in the rest of our system. It is like a ripple effect.

Sometimes staying in this spaciousness is all we need to begin a natural flow of self regulation. 
I often include resources like scent, sound, weight on the body in the form of heavy blankets, support under the joints and behind the head. Sometimes a meditation recording, music or just the sound of the birds through an open window can inspire and guide our systems into our own personal rhythm. For those of you who already work with me in my private practice, this will be a review but also a reminder of how to allow a dropping into oneself and back into the spine and softening of the joints. 

Exercise, copious fresh air, good sleep, sunshine, hydration, herbal teas, and foods that are very simple and clean. The past two weeks have personally been the beginning of a cleanse marked by clear vegetable broths and greens like parsley and cilantro. These soups are easy to digest and move with the continuum of the softening of the Liver in Chinese medicine. The Liver and Gallbladder are governed by the Wood Element in Spring. 

Lastly, holding on to gratitude and compassion are essential. 
One of my dear and brilliant mentors Dr. Mario Martinez recently wrote a beautiful article that I will share here that reminds us to stay within these frequencies during adversity. 

I am also offering this gorgeous read during our collective rest and reorganization:

Teachings on Love 
by Thich Nhat Hanh

 This book is a tender reminder to stay gentle. When I read these words, not only do I hear his soft voice of kindness and goodness but I am also reminded to forgive, love and hold compassion and gratitude for myself first. Our healing of the collective essence, the earth and our future depends upon our capacity to heal ourselves with honesty and integrity. I believe this from the bottom of my heart. 

Because many of you who I work with are staying close to home to stay safe, in New York City, out of state, or out of the country, I am now offering half hour and hour long phone sessions and video conferencing sessions through the Zoom format. Please feel free to contact me to set up a time for a session. 
Stay posted as I add Spring recipes for Immunity, or in Chinese medicine what we call Wei Qi and for the nourishment of Kidney Qi. During adversity we need to attend to our Essence and be very kind with our thoughts and to our bodies. 

Wishing everyone gentleness and sending support during these changing times, 
with love, 

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  1. So beautiful-felt like I was in your office chatting! Have been focusing on all of the spring blooms on my daily pup walks. Thank you!!