Thursday, April 9, 2020

Because the World Needs More Egrets

There are spacious days right now, ones filled with study, silence, beauty and observation of the natural world. I have seen nature come closer, to create more intimate opportunities for connection.
So many new birds are arriving, 

This beauty was photographed in the bright Spring light. Egrets are shy and in my experience difficult to photograph. They do not like people getting too close to them, they are elusive in that they appear to be still and willing, and in a blink of an eye they are gone. 

I love their layered feathers, large transparent wings and long necks. They always feel elegant to me. Graceful extensions of the skies. On warmer days, the skies are teaming with new life and I often wonder what they see looking down on us during this unprecedented time. 

On a walk yesterday a heron flew over the middle of Springs Fireplace road. It followed the yellow lines and swooped down so close to me,  I felt as though I could almost reach for its amazing wings. It was the closest that I have ever been to this magnificent bird. 
Watching egrets and herons are once of my favorite activities. During this pause, the greatest luxury and gift is the extra moments with nature and being the observer during different times of the day. 
The day began overcast and damp, followed by late afternoon sunshine and more rain tomorrow. To be able to pay such close attention to the subtle changes of the skies, the water and the new plant growth feels like a very special privilege. 
One that I treasure so close to my heart. 

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