Thursday, October 11, 2018

Dear October

Dear October, 

It is so very nice to be with you now and spend golden moments in your gentle afternoons filled with shimmery soft light. 

Thank you for the warm and sunny salty swims in Gardiner's Bay. You have been very generous with your brilliant blue skies and gentle tides. 

Thank you for the beautiful day at the Arboretum in Minnesota where the last roses bloomed in the bright sunshine and the dahlias spoke in the generous language of brilliant colors. 

Thank you for your apples that made a beautiful crisp. Your pumpkins and squash that make spicy soups and for your damp and rainy days that water the greens for the farmers.

Thank you so much for bringing us the gifts of more learning, more compassion and more understanding. I have gained so much this month and I am deeply grateful.

Thank you for the bees, the woodpeckers, the bluebirds, the clematis, the hawk medicine, the walks around a magical lake. And most of all, thank you for offering safe passage for the hummingbirds as Flora, Guapo and friends travel to their Winter destinations.

Thank you for supporting the courage of so many extraordinary practitioners who met to create a deeper level of healing within ourselves and in turn for our practices and our communities.

Thank you for supporting our growth and desire to build strong containers for healing as we are transitioning into a more compassionate world. 

Thank you for the geese in the sky, the beautiful natural reflections and for gracing us with these last days of warmth before we settle into the Winter days and long nights. 

I look forward to seeing you again next year. 
With love, Maria