Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Autumn Sweetness

The last days of Autumn are upon us in these humid golden days. Miss Flora is drinking her last sips of nectar, the figs are ripe and the Autumn flowers are gracing us with their last bursts of elegant colors. 

It is a bittersweet time. The last refreshing bay swims have been so tender. Dragonflies and monarchs fly next to me as I am crossing the landmarks of the bay jetties. Large osprey dive for healthy prey as they prepare for their journey South. 

These magnificent figs were gifted to me from the North Fork last week and they left an exotic perfume like essence on my taste buds. If only I could capture this curious scent in a liquid perfume. The senses are heightened as the last golden hours grace us before the crisp nights become cold. 
A tower of good reads have been piling up on my tables for dark weather reading. 
Next exploration, building resilience and Qi through the cultivation of Yi, also known as intention. 
Wishing everyone a fragrant and gentle Autumn. 

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