Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Way of Heaven

During times of change and transition in the seasons, I always return to the study of rhythms in nature, the Classical teachings of Chinese medicine and Daoism. The past few days, I have been reading excerpts of great richness. I have been sitting with concepts surrounding the Way of Heaven and the Dao.

It is the Way of Heaven to keep moving and and to allow no piling up-hence the 10,000 things come to completion. It is in the Way of the emperor to keep moving and to allow no piling up-hence the whole world repairs to his court. It is the Way of the sage to keep moving and to allow no piling up-hence all within the seas bow to him. Comprehending Heaven, conversant with the sage, walker on the 6 avenues and 4 frontiers of the virtue of emperors and kings-the actions of such a man come naturally; dreamily, he never lacks stillness. 
The sage is still not because he takes stillness to be good and therefore he is still. The 10,000 things are insufficient to distract his mind-that is the reason he is still. 
Zhuang zi, Chapter 13

 I am applying these words to the concept of Wu-Wei or the middle path. Non-action, or the art of 'allowing'. When I am with my camera, I try to pull my energy inside and be an observer and participate in this flow. There is a wisdom, that does arise if we allow it through our stillness. As I lean deeper into my own studies, and process, I am so curious about how one can cultivate more capacity to allow the physiology to reorganize with greater ease.

Above is a picture of an osprey, taken at Three Mile Harbor, in Springs, East Hampton. 
I have delighted in their prehistoric piercing eyes that focus on far away prey that swim underwater. 
Watching osprey often feels like a meditation in Wu-Wei. 
Observing how they fly through the air with such beauty and grace is magical, they have a steady and determined presence despite the strength of the wild ocean winds. 

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