Monday, August 12, 2013

Patterns in Nature

When I take pictures in nature, I often look for where the light creates patterns and there is a rhythm between light and dark. 
I often see patterns repeat and speak to me through texture, color and form.

I have collected photographs that I have taken over the years that have eye catching details. When I placed some of these images together they began to tell a different story.  
Ferns from Hawaii, flowers from all over the world, a sea shell from my grandmother's collection, an abandoned  paper wasp nest, coral from Bimini. a turtle shell, tree bark with lichens,  peacock and turkey feathers, and the magic whale shark skin. 

The light is growing fainter and more golden now and I am delighted to catch this light in my pictures. 

As the season is shifting, the leaves are beginning to curl a bit and change color. 
The wrens have left their bird houses and the bay waters are deliciously warm. 

The cicadas are singing as I write this piece, they too have their own rhythm and patterns to their songs. 
One group sings, while another will pause, they go back and forth, like a symphony performing for the stars. 

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