Sunday, November 27, 2011

Working with the Energetics of Roses

This past week I have been really working with the energy of Roses. I was gifted this blossom and have been watching it open slowly. This bud feels particularly vibrant and its life force feels contagious as it has been soothing the Heart and sharing it's gift with my patients in my office. 
I continue to explore working with Rose oil and all of its possibilities in my perfumes as well as with the flower essences of various Roses. 

 I am currently working with the Perelandra Rose Essence of Gruss An Achen, this essence supports balance and helps our system to stabilize physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 
Historically, Roses have been connected to energies that are associated with the Divine. I was reminded of this again, after receiving the gift of the bud.


  1. may the pretty medicine of the petals melt open your here and now, heart to greater and greater depth of field the winter envelops us in her arms......happy holy days maria, darling xo