Saturday, November 26, 2011

In Praise of Spruce

There are three Spruce trees outside of my office that are bearing cones this year. Gradually they are filling out and creating a protective layer of greenery that shields my office entrance from the wind. In this neck of the woods it can get quite gusty in the winter so all protection from the elements is welcome.
Historically the Spruce has been regarded as a tree that provides female protection and is symbolic of life. In Europe, Maypoles were traditionally made from Spruce trees. 
There is a cluster of Spruce trees in Norway that is believed to be 9,550 years old!
In my practice, I  particularly like using  Black Spruce (Picea Mariana) essential oil. Now that the season is going into the cooler weather I am bringing out my essential oils for immunity and for nourishing the Kidneys. I have been using this oil to  massage over the Kidney area in treatment. I have also been encouraging my patients to inhale the oil before we start treatment if there is congestion in the Lungs. From a Chinese medical standpoint this oil invigorates Qi and Blood and invigorates the Lung Qi. All oils that come from evergreens present us with an opportunity to build our own life force because the needles of the trees remain green throughout the Winter, this means that they carry a very hardy life force. 
When blending this oil, it should always be used with a carrier oil. It is an excellent oil for improving circulation in the joints and for boosting the immune system.  This essential oil also has the ability to clear the mind when we are feeling scattered and uplift us when feeling depressed or in low spirits.
In Native American medicines this tree is used in many remedies, specifically the sap. It is also believed to carry the energy of prosperity and abundance. 

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