Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lovely Lilies

Throughout history, lilies have been used in medicine. Regarded for their stunning beauty, the lily is named after the Greek Leiron. They are believed to bring good luck which is why they are often included in wedding and birthday flower arrangements. In ancient Greece, the lily represented Hera who was the goddess of woman's life, marriage and childbirth. In ancient Rome, the lily was also a symbol of marriage and Juno the goddess of light and the sky.
 People who dream of lilies in the Spring time will have joy, prosperity and possibly marriage. Lilies are also symbolic of protection and strength. They are associated with the element of water and the moon.
In Chinese medicine, the lily (Bulbus Lilii), Bai He, is translated as "hundred meetings". It is used in formulas with other herbs to moisten the lungs, clear heat, calm the spirit, relieve irritability, restlessness and treat a sore throat. It is in the category of Herbs that Tonify Yin. The tastes are sweet, slightly bitter and slightly cold. It enters the Heart and Lung channels.
This little and beautiful creature showed up last week and sat on the leaf of an Asian lily. 

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