Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Calendula is a Queen (Calendula officinalis)

This year I began my calendula plants from seed. I am amazed by how many flowers I have this season! All of these photographs are from my tubs filled with this beautiful flower. The photograph on the far left is of the seedlings that I planted in the early Spring.
I call Calendula one of the Queens of the garden because not only is she beautiful, she is also such a powerful healer of the plant world. She is cultivated and flourishes in almost all soils and is native to Europe.
 Once I moved them outdoors, they really grew into the sun with so much joy. They are like little bursts of sunshine.
Calendula is a lovely to use with children as it is very gentle plant remedy.  It makes effective balms that nourish the skin. I have a lot of success in my practice with this plant as it heals wounds, diaper rash, cuts, abrasions and inflammation of the skin.
 I am currently making a salve that will be ready for sale through my practice in the Fall. I am now harvesting petals and drying them in preparation for the infusion. The salves are made in small batches to ensure freshness.

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