Friday, December 23, 2011

Botanical Gardens Madrid, Spain

Today was a beautiful day in Madrid.  The light was so soft and delicate, it feels wonderful to be here. To get grounded back into myself I went to the Real Jardin Botanico de Madrid or Botanical Gardens. The gardens were established in 1755 by King Ferdinand VI, it covers 20 acres.  While most of the plants are not in bloom in December, I was gifted some beautiful surprises. I was really taken by the Chinese Roses, photographed below.
Wishing everyone a lovely holiday!

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  1. Dear Maria,

    Gorgeous as ALWAYS.......LOVE your photography and your sense---abilities around nature and botanicals, and your deep appreciation of flowers.....we are such kindred spirits. Thanks for that bit of history about the age of the garden you well. Very exciting........lots of love from sunny california...the new moon is about to clock a couple of hours. xoxox Lib