Friday, September 18, 2020

Autumn Hummingbird Medicine

 This beauty is about to leave for warmer days and colorful flowers. It is always heartbreaking to feel them leave the garden. It has been a wonderful Summer of curiosity and observation. 
This is one of my favorite images to date. 
The sky has been hazy and turned soft pastel colours as the particles from the wildfires of the West coast are flying over our lands. The soft halo behind our elegant female hummingbird reminds me of a Byzantine painting of a female Saint. 

Just before the hummingbirds leave, they are very generous with their presence and they spend extra time feeding for their journeys South. She has been here a lot the past few days and I can feel her getting ready to fly away. To see the hummingbirds every day for many months, it is bittersweet to feel the intensity of their feeding, knowing that in a blink of an eye she may disappear. 
The last salvia are still in bloom, as well as the last cardinal vines. Little pops of color in an otherwise fading garden. The night air is cooler now and one can feel the activity of the Atlantic Ocean churning the winds and summoning crisper weather. 


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