Monday, November 18, 2013

Dreaming in Orca

Since my encounter with a killer whale in Hawaii, I have become more curious about their history and lore. Yesterday I made this image of dolphins, osprey and the orca. There is a creation myth of the Pacific Northwest that tells the story of the blackfish falling in love with the osprey. In order to meet, the osprey would sweep down from the skies to the water and the blackfish would jump out of the water into the air. The offspring was believed to be the orca, this explains the white markings on its body. 

On Easter Sunday, I took pictures of osprey flying into the sun here at Accabonac harbor. I layered many images of the spinner dolphins, killer whale and the osprey over an old Japanese map of Hawaii. 
I am currently trying to create images that convey the dreamy energy of the orca and the gift that I experienced by being in it's presence. 

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  1. you know there is an old native legend that tells how the orca got his white spots. it is said that the orca fell in love with a osprey and that the osprey would fly low to meet the orca and the orca would jump out of the water to meet the osprey, on day they had a baby that had was black like a orca but had whit spots like the osprey.