Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Grace of the Egret

Today the sky was blue, the sun strong and the water of Accabonac harbor clear.
This beauty posed for the camera and shared it's grace. 

I seem to be writing a lot about animal totems and symbols these days but this is what is coming to me when I am out and about in nature. The heron is quite special. It was nearly extinct after being hunted for its beautiful plumage. 

These feathers were very valuable in the millinary world, the plumes were called 'aigrettes'.

In ancient Egypt the heron was considered the creator of Light. A double headed heron was a symbol of prosperity.

 Many Native American tribes see egrets and herons as symbols of wisdom. In Asia the heron is often regarded as a symbol of wealth.

These magical birds also remind us to stay balanced. While I watched this bird stand on one leg for quite some time I was very impressed by its ability to stay perfectly still and grounded in the wind and the water.

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