Saturday, April 13, 2013

Swan Medicine

As I was taking in the sun today at Albert's Landing in Amagansett, a pair of swans flew over head, across the clear blue sky and gracefully landed in the water of the bay. 
They hardly seemed to notice me as they swiftly swam through the clear blue water. I was inspired by their movement and the speed at which they could swim in the open bay. 
While there are many myths, legends and fairy tales that include the swan as the main character I am intrigued by their symbolism. 
They are symbolic of love, grace, beauty, elegance, transformation and relationships. They are also symbols for awakening, the linking of two worlds, the dreamer, the mystic and  sensitivity.

The magnolia flowers are in bloom now and this gorgeous flower is symbolic of nobility and perseverance. The two images flatter one another, both taken today. 

Below is a snap shot of the bud of the magnolia flower before it opened. 

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