Friday, September 21, 2018

New Religion

This gorgeous poem was shared with me yesterday and has broken my heart open. It is as though the essence of the ocean spoke her beautiful language through the pen of this extraordinary poet. 
Thank you Bill Holm for this masterpiece and thank you again to the beautiful mermaid who shared this gem with me. 

New Religion

This morning no sound but the loud breathing of the sea. Suppose that under all that salt water lived the god that humans have spent ten thousand years trawling the heavens for. We caught the wrong metaphor.  Real space is wet underneath, the church of shark and whale and cod. The noise of those vast lungs exhaling; the plain chanting of monkfish choirs. Heaven's not up but down, and hell is to evaporate in air. Salvation, is to drown and breath forever with the sea. 

And thank you seahorses for lending me your magic. 

Theses images were taken in Kona, Hawaii.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Transition to Autumn and the Metal Element

This is a bittersweet time. While I love the transition, the colors, the change in temperature and the sweetness of the decay, it is also a very precious and sometimes melancholy time. 
One hummingbird remains, Miss Flora is holding out and claiming her garden by staying true to her last flowers. She has graced so many of us with her presence and I am deeply touched, each and every time. 

Watching the eyes of my patients open wide with joy and admiration during her visits,  makes it all worth while. Thank you Miss Flora, Gaupo, Monica, and Mauricio the hummingbirds for staying with us for this short time and teaching us about your magic. 

In Chinese medicine, this is the time of year that we reflect, let go, become more pensive and attend to the health of our skin, large intestine, and lungs. We begin to eat more cooked foods, poach fruit and make warming soups. We gather the harvest, make our delicious creations and savor the last sunshine of the season through pungent or strong spicy flavors. 
We feel grateful. 
And full. 

This large and shimmery dragonfly appeared recently and offered itself to the camera. It stayed still for only a moment, long enough to capture the intricate and lace designs if its' iridescent transparent wings. Beautiful black shiny eyes of the flying dinosaur watched me closely as I approached with my telephoto lens. 

As the weather chills, more time will spent be re-reading the classical texts and the beautiful translations of the elegant calligraphy. I have the felt sense that the ancients are calling on me again to revisit the characters, the beauty of the hidden meaning,  and the dreamy moments of entering magical constellations of ancient wisdom. 

Monday, August 13, 2018

Crow Medicine.

During these past few weeks I have been taking in the magic of the crows. They are so clever and such mysterious birds. In the past, I did not pay them much attention but as I sit waiting for the hummingbirds to appear, they have drawn me into their world. 
I love they way they travel together and use incredible language to communicate with one another. 

The medicine of the crow is a mirror to change that is yet to come. They express mystery, magic, the past, present and future while also the art of shapeshifting. 
While I caught these two preening one another I was taken by their silent gentleness and sleek dark beauty. 
They are often referred to as omens of change, spiritual strength and personal integrity. 
They were especially expressive as I stood beneath an oak tree and watched them fly from tree top to tree top sharing beautiful, rhythmic and intricate language with one another.
When I see them flying overhead, I hold them in the highest regard and acknowledge their great intelligence and keen presence. 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Guapo and the Lady Slipper.

As the days are growing warmer, it seems that Guapo the hummingbird will stay a bit longer in the evening hours on his favorite perch. 
Here is he resting on a vitex branch, one of his preferred spots in the garden.
He continues to teach me something new each and every time I see him. I observe how he tracks the sun, the insects, other birds and the flowers. Last night I watched his red and magenta shimmering feathers sparkle as I sat quietly in the garden. 
He chases away Flora on a regular basis and the two of them engage in ornate flight patterns while vying for access to fresh nectar. Guapo is showing me how hummingbirds fly in the formation of a figure eight. How fast they can be, and how on a moments notice, they can defend their territory.

The orchid next to Guapo was a gift. This Lady Slipper is gracing my space with a supreme elegance. She sits with such grounded beauty on my desk and offers herself to each person that she meets. One can not help but be mesmerized by her presence. 
While sitting with both Guapo and the Lady Slipper, I have been observing how the spaces inside my own physiology that are moved by their beauty. I notice a sense of well being and a strengthening of my spine and an ease in my breath. 
Hours may pass before one of these images come to fruit from my time with the hummingbirds. In the end, the time spent in the stillness always offers a gift. 
Thank you Guapo and thank you Miss Lady Slipper for your softness and presence. 

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Kapoho Tidepools, Guapo the Hummingbird and the Solstice

With so many changes upon us today, I want to write about transformation and all of these big natural changes that we are observing in these fiery days.
Pele's glory has taken the coastline of the Big Island and made it new again with a raw and new beauty. I am in awe of her passion. I am transfixed by the intense and explosive lava and the magnificent colors, all shades of deep red and orange. She is burning through everything and demanding transformation.

I revisited these pictures from my last visit to Pele's lands. I am grateful to have these images of the tide pools before she reclaimed her magnificent garden.
And so we let go.
And allow.
Stay present.
And gentle.

In this collage is a picture of Guapo my returning ruby throated hummingbird.
Taken today during the last hours of solstice daylight.
Each and every time I see him my heart is filled with so much joy. He reminds me that change is a constant force of nature, we are always pendulating between different energy states. Just watching him is a reminder to stay fluid.

Guapo arrived during the cool Spring days and nights. He waited patiently for the flowers to bloom. Now that the garden is in full glory, he and Flora have returned with another male.
Every morning that I hear their wings beating outside the door I am filled with such gratitude and love for them. They make me feel hopeful and full of goodness. It is the kind of sweetness that I want to share with the good people in my world. And I want to say to everyone... that goodness, gentleness and beauty do prevail, in the end.

 Thank you Pele and the hummingbirds for sharing your magnificent gifts with all of us on the longest day of the year.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Way of Heaven

During times of change and transition in the seasons, I always return to the study of rhythms in nature, the Classical teachings of Chinese medicine and Daoism. The past few days, I have been reading excerpts of great richness. I have been sitting with concepts surrounding the Way of Heaven and the Dao.

It is the Way of Heaven to keep moving and and to allow no piling up-hence the 10,000 things come to completion. It is in the Way of the emperor to keep moving and to allow no piling up-hence the whole world repairs to his court. It is the Way of the sage to keep moving and to allow no piling up-hence all within the seas bow to him. Comprehending Heaven, conversant with the sage, walker on the 6 avenues and 4 frontiers of the virtue of emperors and kings-the actions of such a man come naturally; dreamily, he never lacks stillness. 
The sage is still not because he takes stillness to be good and therefore he is still. The 10,000 things are insufficient to distract his mind-that is the reason he is still. 
Zhuang zi, Chapter 13

 I am applying these words to the concept of Wu-Wei or the middle path. Non-action, or the art of 'allowing'. When I am with my camera, I try to pull my energy inside and be an observer and participate in this flow. There is a wisdom, that does arise if we allow it through our stillness. As I lean deeper into my own studies, and process, I am so curious about how one can cultivate more capacity to allow the physiology to reorganize with greater ease.

Above is a picture of an osprey, taken at Three Mile Harbor, in Springs, East Hampton. 
I have delighted in their prehistoric piercing eyes that focus on far away prey that swim underwater. 
Watching osprey often feels like a meditation in Wu-Wei. 
Observing how they fly through the air with such beauty and grace is magical, they have a steady and determined presence despite the strength of the wild ocean winds.