Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Heaven on Earth

Today I lay on the earth at the base of an old oak tree and let the warm winds fly over me as I took in the afternoon sun. I watched the last crocus flowers wilt and the seagulls and osprey fly over head against the clear blue sky. 

Today I also read a beautiful piece from the translation of the Su Wen by Claude Larre and Elisabeth de la Vallee about the nature of Spring. One of the descriptions of Spring 'is the time when the qi of heaven and earth come together after the separation of winter. Once again the qi of heaven can descend and the qi of earth can ascend.'
This is a perfect description of Spring.

Since taking this picture of an osprey flying into the sun on Easter Sunday at Accabonac harbor in Springs, I have felt that within each picture, I am capturing  slivers of heaven on earth. 
The osprey totem represents ascension, illumination, rebirth and renewal. 

The crocus flowers have introduced color before the daffodils and now there are many shades of yellow everywhere and it is quite satisfying to see all of this beauty after such a long winter. 

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