Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lady Bug Medicine

This past week I celebrated yet another year traveling around the sun on this magical planet.
On a sparkly clear day,  I came across two lady bugs on the beach in Amagansett. It was such a nice surprise to see them in an open space. 
These lovelies were kind enough to pose for the camera!

I have learned that when lady bugs appear that they are signs of good fortune coming our way!

 They remind us to live life with a light heart. In some Asian countries there is a belief that if you have a lady bug land on your body, you whisper your name to the lady bug, it will fly to your love's ear where it will speak your name. 

Lady bugs are symbolic of love, protection, the sacred, and the Blessed Mother Mary. 
These lovelies earned their name after farmer's in France prayed to Mother Mary during the Middle Ages for their crops to be saved from insects. Many lady bugs soon appeared and devoured the pests and the crops were saved. Hence the name 'Beetles of Our Lady' or lady bugs.
In some Asian countries there is a belief that lady bugs understand human languages and are connected to divine sources.

There is also a saying that 'if you make a wish in the presence of a lady bug, the wish will come true'.

A life span of a lady bug is approximately three to six weeks. During this time they may consume as many as 5, 000 aphids!

Wishing everyone a very happy Spring!


  1. Happy Birthday!! :) May many ladybugs come your way!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope that they find you too! ; )