Thursday, January 10, 2013

Magic of the Day

This week, I learned a new technique in Photoshop to overlay one picture on top of another, today as I was experimenting these beautiful pictures magically appeared by 'accident'.

The peony is from my garden that I photographed last Spring in one of my grandmother's vases, and the gouache botanical painting I inherited from my mother. It is a perfect fit.

The cherry blossoms below were photographed in bloom two years ago and this little moth came to my kitchen window last summer. 

The lotus flower below was photographed last sumer as it was opening at the beginning of the day.

Below is the same lotus flower opening with overlays of a sunset at Springs Fireplace Road in East Hampton, 
the same little moth, my grandmother's shawl and Chinese ceramic design motifs.

Magic often appears in the most mysterious ways. 

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  1. These are lovely. Thank you for posting, very inspiring to keep playing with photoshop!