Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hummingbird Medicine

Last week I was in a very special botanical garden in Berkley,
There are acres and acres of plants from all over the world where humming birds feed and rare beautiful plants thrive. The magic of the hummingbirds was what caught my attention the moment that I entered the sanctuary. I had several encounters with them as they flew in front of me with their magenta iridescent feathers and beautiful song. 

I took as many pictures of them as I could because I had never seen so many and so close!
It was a rare and special gift.

The picture above was combined with a silk piece that was part of a sculptural installation that included text. In the midday California sun, the shadows of the rose bushes came through the printed material and made the most beautiful patterns. I added overlays of these amazing textiles.

I have learned that there approximately 300 species of Hummingbirds in the Americas. I have also learned that they can move in many different directions and have the ability to fly backwards. 

The Chinese characters on this marble piece are in the Chinese herbal garden. While the garden was mostly dormant, it was still beautiful. There are approximately 100 herbs growing that are used in Chinese medicine. Each herb had a plaque that includes descriptions, categories, functions and healing properties.
There was just one lonely pear hanging from this beautiful tree in close proximity to the Chinese herbal garden. 
The red flowers in each corner of the picture are from the Quince bush.

The hummingbird below, came to me as I was about to leave the gardens, I photographed it a few times as it went back and forth between flowers for nectar and a high branch of an Olive tree.

Hummingbird medicine reminds us to taste the sweetness of life as it feeds on nectar. This medicine reminds us to walk in joy, courage and to enjoy the beauty of life. It also reminds us to continue to expand and stay in the world of flowers and scent. 

Hummingbirds fly by moving their wings with the geometry of the figure eight or the symbol of infinity. They can travels for hundreds of miles without stopping to eat.

Hummingbird medicine is also symbolic of resurrection,  opening of the heart and perfect timing. 

The picture below was combined with one of the beautiful succulent plants that grows everywhere in Berkley. 

Several of these pictures where added to my shop!

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