Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Tale of Amaryllis

Once upon a time in a land far far away there was delicate nymph with a very sensitive and gentle heart who loved to pick wild flowers growing along the mountainsides. One afternoon she came upon a handsome shepard named Alteo. Upon meeting him, this beautiful nymph immediately fell in love.
Alteo was clear that he would only love a girl who would bring him a new flower, as he was not much interested in love and cared only for flowers. 

The young nymph named Amaryllis was so desperate for his love to be returned, she visited the Oracle of Delphi for advice. She was told to take a golden arrow from the temple and to pierce her heart on the doorstep of Alteo's abode for thirty nights.

Despite her cries for her beloved each evening, he did not pay her any attention. Each night she pierced her heart with an arrow and on the thirtieth visit, a crimson flower sprung forth from the blood that flowed from her heart. 
Alteo finally took notice of this young nymph and the gorgeous new flower that emerged  from her very essence and he fell in love with her. 
This is how the Amaryllis flower got its name.

The photographs that I took of the flowers were layered with different elements of lace, and above the swans from the pond before Sagaponack Main beach.

In the language of flowers this lovely plant symbolizes radiant beauty, determination and fervent love.
It is also known as Hippeastrum. It is grown in the Caribbean, and South America.
It is called by other names, 'Knight Star', 'Naked Lady',  'Christmas Lily' and 'Belladonna'.
It grows in white, salmon pink, orange, and stripes of various colors. 

The elegant painting below of Amaryllis was painted by John William Godward in 1903. 

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