Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Precious Pears

As it is Autumn, there are many delicious pears now available to us in the Northeast. Pears are used in Chinese dietary therapy  as they are cooling and sweet. They clear lung heat by quenching thirst and moistening the lungs. They also reduce inflammation from a dry cough and clear heat in the stomach.
Pears are excellent for when one has a hoarse voice or has excessively dry skin.
In Asia, they are often softened by poaching or when added to congee.
There is a Chinese belief that pears should not be shared between lovers or friends because it may lead to separation, the word "li" means both pear and separation. One should finish his or her own pear to ensure, healthy and long relationships. Pear trees are often planted by various cultures when a child is born as they represent a long fruitful life.
This fruit is also a symbol of immortality in Chinese lore.
In ancient Egypt the pear was sacred to Isis.
In Korea the pear tree is a symbol of comfort.
Seckle pears happen to be my favorite pears. They remind me of a beautiful tree on my grandparents farm that gifted amazing sweet fruits, the taste of these small pears remind me of my special visits with my grandmother Isabelle. 

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  1. farms are on my mind, these days. i am very open to partnerships w organic growers. xo hope you are well, here i am enjoying all that autumn has to offer, which is the mood surrenders to the seal of the luck, on the leprauchaun's whisper.