Monday, October 24, 2011

Essential Oils in Chinese Medicine and Natural Perfumery

This has been the year of the (magic) Rabbit and also a year of in depth study of plant essential oils. In January, I began a year long training in the use of essential oils in Chinese medicine with Dr.  Jeffrey Yuen in Chinatown, NYC. This wonderful training was held once a month. This past week-end was the last training, so I am sharing a little bit about what I have learned.  Each class is full of rich information that I am bringing in to my practice. I am now making custom blends for my patients as well as salves for external applications based on the paradigm of Chinese medicine. 
Almost all of my sessions now include the use of essential oils. I place them directly on Acupuncture points, as well as make blends with top, middle and base notes to treat acute, chronic and constitutional issues. I have found that working with essential oils in this way to be highly effective in treatment.
Additionally,  I have been studying natural perfume making. Over the past year I have built a gorgeous collection of amazing oils, resins and absolutes from all over the world. This week I am diving back into making small batches of solid perfumes that have been favorites of friends and patients. I am creating a mailing list for when the liquid and solid perfumes are available for sale. To be included on this mailing list kindly email me at and title the email 'perfume'.  Each time I have a new blend available I will send information about the blend and pricing. 
This photograph was taken of spices from my collection, representing some of the botanicals and oils that I use in my perfumes. The Vanilla beans I purchased in Tonga, the orange was so delicious that I had to take it's picture and the green seedlings on the lower right are my calendula plants.  
The spices on top include Star Anise and Whole Cardamom. 

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