Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Bees of Autumn

The bees are loving the flowers of the Cimicifuga Simplex in front of my office. They seem to be slowing down with the cooler temperatures and taking their time with these pearly white flowers. 
This is a very special plant that is used in Chinese Herbal medicine. Sheng Ma, or Rhizoma Cimicifugae is harvested in Autumn. 
This herb is the the category of Cool Acrid Herbs that Release the Exterior. It enters the Large Intestine, Lung, Spleen and Stomach channels, the tastes are sweet, acrid and cool. In Chinese formulas, this medicinal releases the exterior and vents heat, it relieves toxicity and raises sunken qi. In Western Herbal medicine, this herb is known as Black Cohosh rhizome. 
These gorgeous bumble bees allowed me to take beautiful portraits. 
This sleeping bee was resting in the morning sun in the middle of a magenta dahlia flower. 
Bees were symbols of royalty in ancient Egypt, and in the Celtic tradition, bees are symbolic of great wisdom. Because bees are involved in honey production they can be seen as symbols of sweetness, and joy.
While I was in my herb garden last month, I was stung by a bee on Pericardium 9. This is a very powerful Acupuncture point, it is called a Jing Well point. The Pericardium is considered the protector of the Heart in Chinese medicine. Immediately after I was stung, I could feel the activation of this meridian and my chest opened up and there was a tingly sensation throughout my entire body. It so happened on that particular day the sting on that point was incredibly powerful medicine. Bee sting therapy is believed to be one of the first forms of Acupuncture. 

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